Online Harmonica Jam

Most harmonica players seek to jam with other musicians. However beginners often have false starts before meeting like minded collaborators. I still remember the thrill of my first musical encounters, an experience within the reach of all new harmonica students.

Experienced players also enjoy engaging with peers, and often seek constructive feedback about their music.

The Internet makes this all possible without leaving your room.

Harmonica Boogie is an online community of players, who record their music and load it on to the Harmonica Boogie site for others to hear. As their home page says:

"The way it works is some folks write backing tracks, others download them, play to them, upload the track with harmonica, and then everyone listens, votes and comments."

Harmonica Boogie is very welcoming to beginners who submit their recordings. There are also some fine players who contribute, so visitors can hear a wide variety of harmonica music. There is a forum which discusses harmonica topics.

To engage with Harmonica Boogie, you will needed to record yourself. Information about free recording software is here.

Harmonica Boogie has been created by Rick Beall, and has been running since 2001. The service is free, however those who wish to can make donations.

Click here to visit Harmonica Boogie