Senior Year

Senior year completes the course. Once done, you will be ready for ..... further study. This program provides a guided harmonica tour, but, as you have perhaps found, the more learnt, the more is yet to know. The greatest players are often humble, they know how much is still to learn. Hopefully the course starts a lifetime exploring this instrument.

A key harmonica feature is that different instruments are used for different keys. However a single instrument can be played in various keys, using different positions. We have already looked at first and second position. This year looks at 3rd position, for both blues and tunes. 3rd position is very powerful, but neglected by many players. We also look at first position blues, a challenging style which provides a unique sound.

While most tunes are played in first position, second position is needed for some. This year looks at seond position tunes. These use some familar phrases, but sound very different to second position blues.

There are many good harmonica players, and a few great ones. Hopefully this course has introduced the great ones to you. All good players should develop an aspect to their music which makes them unique. This course provides many possibilities. It is your task to explore the ones which define your own style.

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