If you are here, then the introductory instruction is done. You are developing well as a player, maybe part of a circle of musicians, maybe performing live. As you will have noticed, most harmonica players are involved with blues. A great thing, of course, but there are other musical worlds to explore. This module introduces fiddle tunes, which will become a lifetime musical journey for some of you.

Fiddle tunes form a common language, shared by musicians around the world. Players learn a common set of tunes, which they share at "sessions", in bars, pubs, festivals and living rooms. A fiddle tune repertoire greatly expands opportunities for live music. In particular, Irish or bluegrass sessions (where fiddle tunes are commonly played) often last an entire evening. Blues jams, on the other hand, often require waiting an entire evening, just for a chance to play three songs.

Harmonica players are not common at fiddle tune sessions. There are few teaching methods, and almost no mentors. These lessons will help change this, and open this wonderful music to you.

The tunes, and the techniques behind them are not easily learnt (the same applies for fiddle tunes on any instrument). Progress at your own pace through these lessons. You will soon love this music.