First Blues lessons

Many people associate the harmonica with blues. Almost all harmonica players know some blues, for many of the greatest players, it is all that they play. When musicians meet for the first time, they usually begin (and often end) by playing blues. It is a universal musical language, which harmonica players must know.

The approach in the first ten lessons has been to teach tunes. Blues works in a different way, as the music is improvised, that is, made up as it is played. You will learn to compose blues solos on the spot. This is a skill which classical players usually do not learn, but often wish they had.

You will notice that the harmonica is used in a different way for blues. In particular, the key of the instrument is usually different to the key of the song. Also, blues requires a strong tone on the lower draw notes, which is hard for beginners. This is why the first ten lessons concentrated on the middle part of the harmonica, where notes are generally easier to play.

We are now ready to journey into the blues. It may be a lifetime voyage for you.