Blues Backings

I wish that this band had been available when I was starting out. Use these backing tracks to play your own solos. Put them on to an mp3 player, find a secluded spot, and play to your hearts content. The tracks are from Band in a Box.

Normally, when playing with a band, your solo will be two 12 bar choruses. Try doing the same with these tracks, that is, play two 12 bar solos, then rest for 12 bars, then play another two solos. The rest will give you time to recharge your ideas.

There are 3 versions of each track, in the key of G, E and A.

Key of G Key of E Key of A
Shuffle in G Shuffle in E Shuffle in A
Rock in G Rock in E Rock in A
Swing in G Swing in E Swing in A
Two beat in G Two beat in E Two beat in A