Lord Inchquin - Tremolo Lesson 17

We have now played the low, middle and high notes. Like a new house, we have visited all the rooms. Now to jump between them. For this lesson, instead of moving between adjacent notes we jump longer distances. The hard part is landing safely.

First we jump over a single note. Play the following four note phrase.

It sounds like this. Note the jump over the high 1.


Now for a jump in the other direction. Try these notes.

It sounds like this. Practice until you land safely on the 3 every time.


Now a longer jump, this time an octave. Play these notes.

They sound like this


Now a longer jump again. Try this phrase.

It sounds like this


Now try this tune, called "Lord Inchquin", introduced in lesson 1. It contains all of the jumps from this lesson. Listen to the tune a few times while following the score, then try it.


Finally, try the tune with the accompaniment only.


Music students are often discouraged by long scores like this one, some give up entirely. Please don't. Start by playing just one line at a time. Also look for repetition in the score, for example between the first and second lines.

Lord Inchquin will take some time to learn, time well spent. It is a beautiful tune, once learnt it will stay with you always.

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