Hard Times

This is an American tune, written in the 19th century by Stephen Foster. It should be played at a steady speed, with a C harmonica.

The tune has an A part, played twice, then a B part, played once. The A part is played again to end the tune. This structure is called AABA.

A Part

4B 4D 5B 5B 4D 5B 6B 5B 4D 4B 4B 4D 4B 5B

7B 6D 6B 5B 4B 4D 4B 5B 4D 4B


B Part

5B 5D 6B 6B 6B 5D 6B 6D 6B

7B 6D 6B 5B 4D 4B 4D 4B 4D 5B 4D

Repeat A part

Here is the tune, at full speed


Here is a slower midi version of the tune.

For those who can read music, here is the score.

Finally here is the backing, without the harmonica, at medium speed


and at full speed


Use these backings for your own performances.